About BCOC

Bhanushali Chamber of Commerce (BCOC) inspired by Shree Kutcchi Bhanushali Seva Samaj Trust (SKBSST) is a ‘not-for-profit’ registered company under Section 8 of Companies Act 2013. The key objective of BCOC is to work towards the social and economic development of the community, thereby contributing to nation-building exercises. BCOC provides a platform for individuals & businesses to innovate, connect, and enterprise.

What we do

"Fostering Bhanushali Trade and Commerce"

We firmly believe in empowering individuals to showcase and promote their services and products within our community. Introducing the first-of-its-kind trade portal for our esteemed Bhanushali professionals and a dynamic business networking platform.

Here are some of the remarkable benefits awaiting you:

Exclusive access to knowledge seminars, workshops, and prestigious business fairs.

Facilitated funding opportunities through partnerships with banks, NBFCs, government agencies, and multilateral organizations.

Comprehensive support in areas such as company law, legal matters, professional guidance, and efficient dispute resolution.

Robust HR and manpower assistance coupled with valuable counselling services.

Participation in skill development activities, including public speaking, business presentation skills, mentoring, and holistic wealth and health wellbeing programs.

Your journey towards success starts here, where opportunities meet excellence.

"Empowering Tomorrow's Workforce: Job Opportunities and Upskilling Initiatives"

Embracing the Future: At our community, we are committed to shaping a future where education meets industry seamlessly. We are fervently dedicated to inspiring and preparing students to acquire cutting-edge knowledge and to confidently confront the challenges of tomorrow.

Jobs and Upskilling Initiatives:

We are at the forefront of organizing upskilling programs, designed to equip students with industry-relevant expertise.

Our offerings include courses in Digital Marketing, Accounting, Taxation, and Capital Markets, all complemented by lucrative internship opportunities.

Supporting Student Success:

We collaborate with esteemed institutions to conduct industry-focused upskilling programs, ensuring students stay ahead in their fields.

Our commitment to your future extends to providing robust placement and job support, bridging the gap between learning and employment.

We offer a dedicated platform that connects job seekers and employers within our community, fostering mutually beneficial opportunities.

In our vision of the future, every student emerges as a dynamic, industry-ready professional, equipped to thrive in the ever-evolving landscape of opportunities.

"Empowering the Startup Ecosystem: BCOC's Commitment Through Bhanushali Angel Investor Network (BAIN)"

Through the Bhanushali Angel Investor Network (BAIN), we are fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among the next generation of students, igniting their passion for startups.

Certainly, here are different sentences highlighting the benefits:

Our program offers invaluable benefits, including mentorship to guide you through the entrepreneurial journey.

Legal assistance is just one of the many perks we provide, ensuring your startup's legal needs are met.

Forge essential industry connections with our extensive network of professionals and experts.

Participate in workshops that are tailored to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Access funding opportunities to fuel the growth of your budding enterprise.

Our commitment to unwavering support means you'll never be alone in your entrepreneurial endeavors.

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Our Team

Harshad Bhanushali
President - BCOC

Director- Arihant Academy Ventures Pvt Ltd
Proprietor- Dr Harshad Biology Tutorials
Partner- Science Simplified Private Tuitions
Director - Pentagon International Freight Solutions Pvt Ltd

Harshad Bhanushali
President - BCOC
Ketan Kataria
Vice President - BCOC

Experienced Investment Banker delivering targeted results for SMSE’s in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A), Private equity (PE), Start-up Capital Raising and Strategic Advisory (including Fortune 500) since over 2 decades.

Ketan Kataria
Vice President - BCOC
Sanjay Valji Gajra

Practising Chartered Accountant

Sanjay Valji Gajra
Anand Narayan Dama
General Secretary

Equity Analyst, Banker and Fintech Enthusiast,

Anand Narayan Dama
General Secretary
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What is BCOC?

Bhanushali Chamber of commerce, Currently, BCOC has set up a unique online portal which is one stop for all, where all the needs of the members would be met whether there is a need for jobs (Job Portal), or promoting trade of products, services within and outside the Community (Trade Portal) or networking for guidance or promoting new ideas (Member Portal)

For more detail please visit here

What is Trade Portal?

The trade Portal provides an exhaustive list of sellers of products and services. You can browse through the products and services by category.

What are the benefits of BCOC?

There are uncounted benefits you can gain from it, whether it’s career guidance for graduates, Job opportunities for Job seekers, or business contacts and marketing amongst the community and outside. Check more details here

How am I allowed to use BCOC Site?

You have to register first to access most of the features of the BCOC site and its modules. The registration form requires very few mandatory details to verify you as a member of the Bhanushali community. You can register by clicking this link

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Corporate Office

Bhanushali Knowledge Centre, Near Gajanan Maharaj Temple, Sector-19, Airoli, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400708

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No 8, Shree Krishna Nivas, Ground Floor, Mangalwadi, J.S.S Road, Girgaon, Mumbai - 400004