Big Idea Summit

The Big Idea Summit (TBIS), a bi-annual pinnacle of luxury hosted by BCOC and esteemed partners. Across two illustrious days, visionaries, startups, and entrepreneurs showcase their innovations to 4000+ distinguished guests, featuring astute investors, seasoned mentors, and corporate leaders.

Join us at TBIS and elevate your innovation to unprecedented heights.

In the realm of innovation, we believe every idea and its creators should shine. The Big Idea Summit stands out as a unique gathering, where startups, investors, and mentors come together to discover their perfect synergy. Beyond an event, it’s a convergence of groundbreaking ideas and visionary minds, capturing the boundless potential when innovation meets collaboration.

Speakers from last event

Why Attend?

Stay Updated on Trends:

Gain exposure to the latest trends and emerging technologies shaping the industry.

Pitch Your Startup:

Showcase your entrepreneurial spirit by seizing the opportunity to pitch your startup to a diverse audience.

Insightful Panels:

Attend panels covering relevant topics, offering valuable insights and perspectives.

Investment Opportunities:

Connect with promising startups, presenting a chance to explore potential investment opportunities.

Network with Experts:

Engage in meaningful conversations and networking sessions with experienced investors and industry experts.




Elevate your entrepreneurial journey with us, startup founders. Join a transformative experience and take your ventures to unprecedented heights. Unleash your potential with our visionary support.