Promoting entrepreneurship and supporting make in India

India is becoming a core for startups in the last few years because of the high growth rate and other factors. Investors like to invest in software, finance tech, and other sectors to gain success. It is potential for startups to grow in the future. Many factors, such as manpower and government policies, affect this growth.
A recent study says that India is growing faster in the startup ecosystem, contributing more to the country’s economic growth. Startups offer job opportunities to job seekers.

Promoting Startup with founders

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched a program in 2014 to help stakeholders, emerging businesses, and startups. The Make in India program is a sustainable pillar for leaders and business owners. It is an invitation to potential investors from around the world. It is a symbol of change, of the mindset of the Indian government.

There are other schemes by the government to support startup culture in India, such as the SAMRIDH scheme, Start-up India Initiative, Start-up leadership program, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana, etc.

Other reasons for successful entrepreneurship in India are technological development and the changing perception towards startups. The youth of India is aware and ready to grab opportunities out there. They are motivated and hungry for success. Also, they have the strength to put their ideas to work and make smart movements. Apart from that, they are willing to take risks and endure failures.
The number of internet users has increased in the last few years. People are aware of the happenings and have sufficient knowledge that helps them grow and become better. It has made R&D even easier.

Another reason for the growth of the startup ecosystem in India is the emerging markets. India is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world because of the potential for businesses in the market. The youth is ready to become independent and start their own company/business with high ambitions.

India is one of the fastest-growing economies

To start a business and make it work, a person needs to be well aware of government schemes and ways in which the business can grow. To provide this knowledge to startups and innovators/entrepreneurs, BCOC has organized an event – The Big Idea Summit (TBIS), India’s first non-profit platform connecting innovators and startups with subject matter experts, angel investors, and leading mentors globally.

TBIS 2.0, in a tie-up with IIT Bombay (BSBE) as a knowledge & technical partner, will provide a platform for Innovators/startups to present their prototypes/products at a large exhibition (100+ free hi-tech stalls for innovators/startups) on 3rd & 4th December 2022 in Mumbai and meet global investors/mentors.

Promoting entrepreneurship


The event will also have knowledge seminars, mentor support (pre & post event), and investor pitch sessions to secure funding to develop working prototypes of their innovative ideas/products and become a commercial success.

Are you looking for a mentor to nurture your innovation / secure seed funding / looking guidance about the government policies that’d help your innovation and startup? Then TBIS is for you. Register at now!

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